up-and-coming Spark Narration results

We are proud to announce three projects challenging both artistic and journalistic discourse.

Together with VersPers, we organize Spark Narration an open call program where we aim to find experimental initiatives in which artistic capacity and journalism qualities optimally unite. We believe that designers and journalists are equipped with influential communication tools, and it is time to join forces to cope with the complexity of the present.

The open call brought us a large amount of exceptional project proposals aiming to engage with a contemporary audience. Therefore, we are proud to announce the following three promising projects, that demonstrate the ambition to make urgent social topics accessible to a wide audience. These selected initiatives will be supported financially and through guidance on their production in the upcoming three months.

Behind the City and its Liquidity | Juhee Hahm

Urban space generates its own narrative, this is often characterised by the movement of merchandise and people through the physical and cultural environment. By re-locating and re-categorising these actors space is stimulated and narratives are generated. Therefore, trading can be considered the backstage of a city, the catalyst for it’s unique heritage. I will dive into the culture of trade with the attitude of a journalist, researcher and designer. One who is both observer of and guide to the unknown corners of society. I will create a slow moment of detailed experience to contravene the flashing information age.

Clean Clothes | Albert Kuhn and Joan Sanchez

The Clean Clothes project (disassembling the brands, assembling the story) is an intersection between data visualization and digital journalism regarding the disturbing increase of ethical malpractices within the global garment industry. Throughout the years, the main brands in the clothing industry have built a series of mechanisms which prevent the regular consumer to find out under which conditions the clothes are made. This project will build a narrative artefact which activates the archive of information and news collected by NGOs, in order to raise awareness and eventually lead to a response of the consumers.

Breunion boys | Julia Veldman

Brexit broke my European heart. I never saw it coming, and I’m devastated. But I have a plan. The leave vote was an emotional one. So the only way to win back the Brits is by touching their hearts. I will get Britain back. With a boyband. The Breunionboys. With them I will create song and video clip begging Britain to come back. The project will result in a documentary serie researching the value of the EU, European identity, and the role of propaganda in Brexit. All this will help me write the perfect song, and make the ultimate videoclip. And perhaps, who knows. Get them back.