Crossover Magic with designers and journalists

Together with VersPers we started a new journalistic adventure

How can solid journalism and design reinforce each other? Perhaps with waterproof socks against climate change? Or maybe in the form of T-shirts with URLs to profound stories? Toilet paper with political content to wipe your ass with? Alternative posters for the municipal elections?

Together with VersPers we started a new journalistic adventure: a very close collaboration between journalists and designers, in which journalistic stories are designed to sparkle and in which design can become a journalistic story. We have decided to invest 10.000 euros for the development of the 4 best proposals.

On 20 November 2017, we organized a Hatching Day for 25 participants to get in touch with each other and to develop joint plans for potential experimental productions. An active day where both designers and journalists have the opportunity to use creativity and make 'crossover magic' possible. Currently, ACED and VersPers are supervising the development of 4 selected and promising initiatives, which will be launched in March 2018.