Here is our presentation at this year's Misdoom

Explore how polarisation works in contemporary news media

25.10.2020  |  by ACED  |  Reverb Channel

In order to explore how polarisation, echo chambers and filter bubbles work in news media, we started Reverb Channel, from which Jasper Schelling and Peter van der Putten shared some preliminary results at this year's MISDOOM 2020.

For this project, ACED collaborates with Media Technology (MSc) at Leiden University and Data Engineering (BSc) at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Reverb Channel has been honoured with a grant from SIDN Fund.


David Bouter


Delilah van Eyck

Video Voice Over

IJsbrand van Veelen

Editor in Chief

Jasper Schelling

Project Lead

Kiran Kaur


Maarten van Hees

Data Engineering

Mary Ponomareva

Graphic Design

Noortje van Eekelen

Creatieve Director

Peter van der Putten

Scientific Advisor

Thijs de Melker

Voice Over Recording and Editing