Are you a Designalist?

Open Call for a New Journalistic Adventure

Designalist? So, a combination of designer and journalist. Together with VersPers we started a new journalistic adventure: a very close cooperation between journalists and designers, in which journalistic stories will be designed to sparkle and in which design can become a journalistic story.

How could solid journalism and design strengthen each other? Perhaps with waterproof socks against climate change? Or maybe in the form of T-shirts with URLs to in-depth stories? Toilet paper with political content to wipe your ass with? Alternative posters for the municipal elections?

It’s up to you. We are investing 10.000 euros to finance the 4 best proposals. If your project is chosen, you’ll receive a fee and 3 months to develop your concept into a final product with your team. Are you a designer or journalist and do you feel excited about this collaboration?

Application Deadline | 17 September 2017

Following ACED and VersPers guide the development of 4 selected and promising initiatives, which will be publicly launched in March 2018.