The Breunion Boys are on a mission

The boyband makes an ultimate attempt to undo Brexit

01.09.2018  |  by ACED  |  Spark Narration

With the hit Britain Come Back and The Real Deal boyband Breunion Boys make an ultimate attempt to undo Brexit. The Breunion Boys? They exist. The broken heart of visual storyteller Julia Veldman led to the creation of the Breunion Boys. A boyband. As an ode to that wonderful musical phenomenon that we owe to Britain. The project already received great attention in the international press.

During the upcoming period, the Breunion Boys will have to give everything to convince the British that the EU is not complete without Britain. Currently, the project is to some extent supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Spark Narration (ACED and VersPers) and all those involved participate on a voluntary basis. In short, any contribution is welcome to continue the success of Breunion Boys.

Encouraging Breunion Boys in these turbulent times? Support them through crowdfunding.


Geesje van Haren

Initiator and Director

Julia Veldman

Visual Storyteller

Noortje van Eekelen

Initiator and Director