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A new smashing issue on the Fourth Estate Utopias

19.03.2019  |  by ACED  |  General Activities

House of Common Affairs

In 2017, ACED in collaboration with Paula Minelgaite, organised House of Common Affairs (HOCA), an event on the role of design and art in relation to journalism at the Royal College of Arts in London. As a result of the session, Minelgaite published a beautiful publication.

House of Common Affairs is a brand new journal that focuses on involving both the niche and the general public in the overlap of art and journalism. The initiative embraces a critical set of voices in the dialogue on art, design and journalism with the aim of promoting an international and interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge.

The Fourth Estate Utopias is the very first issue of HOCA about the role of visual communication in relation to journalism. Subscribe to pre-order our first HOCA issue.


Alina Negoita, Belle Phromchanya, Chourouk Zarkaoui, Depatriarchise Design, Jaione Cerrato, Jessie Bond, Ken Hollings, Latifah Al-Said, Monika Parrinder, Noortje van Eekelen, Olivier Kugler, Paula Minelgaite, Ruben Pater and Theo Inglis.

Sponsored, produced and printed by Pressision Ltd, UK
Paperback, 103 x 195mm, 144 pp
ISSN 632-4482 01
Edited by Paula Minelgaite
Published by House of Common Affairs, London, UK
Designed by Minelgaite studio


Paula Minelgaite