Happy to welcome Yifan Yaing

Let us introduce you to this great new colleague and bold designer.

01.04.2022  |  by ACED  |  General Activities

We're happy to welcome Yifan Yaing, a bold digital designer, joining ACED. From April 1, Yifan will be taking care of both our communication and production activities, together with Justine Corrijn. Please let us introduce you to our great new colleague.

Yifan Yaing works as a designer and artist on both self-initiated and commissioned projects. She works mostly within the fields of art and culture and uses various media to create her futuristic digital works. While critiquing capitalism and its ubiquitousness, her game-like works evoke a particular alienating familiarity.

In 2021 Yifan founded, together with Roos du Pree, the 3D design studio Spherender. Through their practice, the duo creates 3D experiences surrounding social issues, such as the ethical aspects of technology and how it impacts our society.

Yifan has already worked with ACED before. During her studies at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, she joined ACED for an internship. Yifan looks forward to contribute further to the ACED network.