Through the eyes of futurologist Marseille

Justien is actively involved with developments in the media

10.09.2019  |  by ACED  |  Dit Wordt Het Nieuws

Justien Marseille is a trend researcher, the founder of The Future Institute and researcher at Creating 010. Her motto is: being critical without fear of the possible futures. She looks back in time to be able to look forward to the future.

In the video below, Justien explains the trends that developed during her research over the past 25 years. For example, how everyone is becoming a news source, even though not everything is interesting or useful.

On September 10 2019, ACED organised Dit Wordt Het Nieuws, a conference in which experts from design, art, technology and science looked together at the news provision of the future. Watch the full show on our YouTube channel. Dit Wordt Het Nieuws is an initiative of ACED and Clever°Franke. The event was honored with a grant from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and is sponsored by Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek.


Justien Marseille


Tim Laukens

Video Editing