Polarisation and filter bubbles in today's media

Reverb Channel offers data scientists, artists and media professionals a platform to carry out investigations

Meet Mieke Gerritzen and Lara Ankersmit

With this great expertise our board is at full strength

Listen to NNN founder Koert van Mensvoort

Get anything about future technologies in our podcast

Investigating interdisciplinary art and journalism

We are honored to announce that Creative Industries Fund NL will support our upcoming plans for Artistic Journalism.

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The second symposium on disinformation in open media

Interested in the merge of design and journalism?

Apply for an internship at ACED closely involving our activities

I Gotta Feeling

So tell me, how do you feel after reading this blog?

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Artistic Journalism

Nick Waters about his experiences at Bellingcat

The senior investigator was speaker at our last year's event

Confluences in values, forms and practices

An excellent paper on the confluence of arts and journalism

Curious what came out of Spark Narration?

We are proud to share the results of the first edition of our educational program in collaboration with VersPers

Artistic Journalism podcast is out now

A full series of interviews with makers on the edge of art and journalism can be listened from today on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes

Breaking News

Through the eyes of futurologist Marseille

Justien is actively involved with developments in the media

Discover what our future will look like

An impression of our conference in which experts from art, technology and science discussed the news provision of the future

Coralie Vogelaar on computer science

The artist explains all about deep learning in our podcast

Curious about the future of art and journalism?

Apply for an internship at ACED closely involving our activities

Spark Narration

Visualising geopolitics and earth sciences

Listen to Italian designer Irene Stracuzzi through our podcast

Mark Deuze : journalism is a creative profession

UvA's professor of Media Studies gave a lecture at our event

Dit Wordt Het Nieuws

ACED will focus on a long term course for its platform

Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie will support this proces via the Open Oproep Professionalisering Instellingen

Legislation, regulations as well as technologies

Artist Robert Glas examines what governments use to enforce

Joining forces on Reverb Channel?

We invite you to experiment with data from news sources

Constant Dullaart on the value of social media

The artist showed how easy the system can be manipulated during our last year's Dit Wordt Het Nieuws event