Visual Supplement — The Influence of the Individual

workshop on the re-appropriation of one day's news at HKU

where: HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht (NL)
when: 02.03.2017
participants: 30 students

Through Visual Supplement — the influence of the individual, we aimed to upgrade visual narration of present-day journalism. This was a topical workshop with 30 third year bachelor students at University of the Arts (HKU) in Utrecht. The emphasis of the one day session was on challenging the representation of current social issues.

We started our 'newsy' session with the observation that nowadays - through digital media - every expression of the individual has the potential to be just as, or even more relevant and visible than publicity by an authority. We asked the students to carry out an investigation into news that had appeared in the past 24 hours. Various news items were chosen, varying from the developments concerning Minister Ploumen, IS defensive tactics and blown down tree art. Students with similar passions were grouped into teams with a common editorial focus.

The afternoon could be called driven and focused. The young makers created analytical and contemporary versions of their news items. Part of the visual translation was that the works had to be provided with a personal opinion about the chosen issue. It was striking that students hardly had any difficulty in formulating a informed opinion about the social news items.

We would hereby kindly like to thank Marijke Cobbenhagen for this great opportunity and the design students for their energy and enthusiasm.