Visual Landscaping at Universiteit van Amsterdam

Workshop on the broader use of imagery in news reporting

where: MA Journalistiek and Media, Universiteit van Amsterdam
when: 12.06.2017
participants: 32 students

Visual Landscaping was a hands on research session for journalism students to look into the broader use of imagery in news reports: a one day program run by ACED with 32 MA students at University of Amsterdam. The focus of this workshop was on enriching the phenomenon image and the visual translation of concepts for experimental journalistic projects.

As an introduction, we started with a lecture on three different developments in the visualization of news, in today’s media landscape. Based on the categories traditional news, news parody and creative visualisation, we invited the students to start an investigation into imagery through online media channels. Every student took responsibility and worked from one topic, ranging from the integration of refugees, parents, children and the use of their smartphones, food waste, and the current role of mayors. The atmosphere during the imagery search was gedreven and following students started sticking the images on the walls, to create visual landscapes of their topics. Through a plenary session, we evaluated, analyzed, rearranged all the findings.

For the afternoon session we asked the teams, based on their visual findings, to make a translation into a concept for experimental journalistic production. The appearance of the outcome was free, but it was important that a challenge was sought from an innovative perspective.

We would hereby kindly like to thank Mirjam Prenger and Erik Borra for this great opportunity and the students for their energy and enthusiasm.