Diversity versus the hunt for clicks

Bursting the Bubble honored by SIDN Fonds

We are proud to announce that our brand new project Bursting the Bubble has been honoured with a grant from SIDN Fonds. With the use of artificial intelligence, ACED will investigate and visualise the behaviour of today's media landscape.

Project description

Our online media consumption is fully controlled by algorithms. The hunt for clicks makes it harder for the reader to get a diverse picture. 'Bursting The Bubble' is an exploration into the positioning of our news culture: How is the news highlighted in different media? Where is news in the political and emotional spectrum? What is the most nuanced medium? With the use of artificial intelligence, ACED will map text and image publications of 50 media channels, making the publication behavior of the press visible. The ultimate goal is a tool to view articles and imagey about current journalistic themes from different angles.